Jubilo Drive is an art rock quintet based in Los Angeles.

Comprising Jordan Kleinman, Henry Kuckens, Aaron Shadrow and Jacob Lauing, the group’s members bring vastly varied tastes and musical backgrounds to the table. According to Atwood Magazine’s review of the band’s 2018 single – ‘All U CAN EAT’ – “With a wide array of influences and a penchant for experimentation, why bother locking them down?” Jubilo Drive embraces those differences, combining elements of rock, electronic, post-punk, pop and jazz fusion into their eclectic sound. 

2018 saw Jubilo Drive establish themselves as a force in Los Angeles’s independent music scene, with four singles, opening gigs for James Supercave and SLUGS, and the group’s second appearance at LA’s annual Echo Park Rising. “Jubilo Drive picked up the pace with their colorful brand of indie psychedelia rock, the crowd beginning their first dance moves of the night,” said of the band’s EPR set. 

Jubilo Drive’s debut album — “Late Night, Early Morning” — arrived February 19.